[Oh My G!] Why You Have to Protect Your Biz From Security Hacks


I was listing all the things that I have to do today when this article sent to my email caught my attention.


It says, “Targeted attacks against small businesses nearly doubled in 2013”.

And what caught much of my attention were the two comments shown below.




As a solution to the problem, it suggested 3 Ways to Protect Your Biz From Security Hacks.

What did I do? I changed my password right away. Instead of *******123, I changed it to difficult series of characters.

I have no back up of the stuffs I have placed on those blogs so I stored it on my external drive.

I think this better than getting a heart attack later. I changed my Gmail and social media sites’ password, too.


I’m done with it.

So, what am I going to do next?

I will create a Facebook page for Hotel de La Salle and Diners. But before that, I will create Gmail account for that. I’m so excited now.

And how about you?

Aren’t you going to take action, too?

You might as well do waht the article says or…get a heart attack later.

Which is which?





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