How to Use Google Calendar


Have you forgotten about your meetings?

Or your calendar seems to be filled with so many events and you forgot about it? You have problems with being reminded about your specific tasks?

You probably need Google calendar’s help.

I have used this myself and I found it very useful in my daily living.

My tutorial below will help you on how to use Google calendar.

I made this tutorial as part of my assignment to be submitted to one of my brilliant mentors, Jomar Hilario.

He is, by the way, our guru for virtual assistants in the Philippines.

This tutorial is one the most lengthy,

but I think it was worth my time and effort.

Google calendar has many beautiful features worth learning for.

You might be as meticulous as I am when it comes to planning my daily activities, so start on clicking on the slideshow below so you can start. There is nothing more important than doing things now and not wait for tomorrow.

This is Kristel, your beyond ordinary VA.

You will benefit if you hire me because

I will back flip, walk on thin wire and eat fire to serve you.

Happy Google calendar-ing!


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