How to Use Hootsuite


Are you busy with so many things to do?

You have no more time managing you Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites?

You must have come to the right place.

Yes! That’s because I will tell you about…(whispering)…HootSuite.

HootSuite is a social media management system that provides a

browser-based dashboard that allows users to keep updated on the

different social media accounts.

(still whispering)

By the way, I made this tutorial as part of my assignment to Mr. Jomar Hilario, the Philippine’s sole guru for virtual assistants. I was amazed when he mentioned about what HootSuite can do so I included it in my list of tools as my assignment. I found it very interesting as much as I did in the other tools that he had introduced.

Below is my tutorial on how to use HootSuite.

The next time you register on this site and try to figure out how to use it…you can finally do it alone, I’m pretty sure.

This is Kristel Tibule, your beyond ordinary VA.

Happy Hootsuite-ing!


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