Truly Rich Club Affiliate Program


Truly Rich Club (TRC) is a program created by Bro. Bo Sanchez with the goal of making its members truly wealthy financially and spiritually at the same time. TRC Members are taught how to invest in the stock Market and are taught how to discover and utilize their talents, how to monetize their passion, and how to manage their finances. 

Summary of what I did for this club.

> Youtube marketing

> Facebook marketing

> Pinterest marketing

> Blogging

> Email marketing using a CRM called Mailchimp and Benchmark Email

> Video Editing/enhancing

> Curating and Transcribing videos

> WordPress building

> Forum Posting

> Keyword Research

> Graphic Design

On the year 2014, I did affiliate marketing for Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club. I did it part-time and I almost did everything from Youtube marketing, email marketing, Pinterest and Facebook. I did all of that.

This is the screenshot of the Youtube channel that I created.

yt channel

In case you are asking whether I stole these videos or not, Bo Sanchez is not restricting anyone to download and upload these videos as long as we follow his rules as an affiliate. 🙂

All of the thumbnails were created using Canva. Here are samples of my graphic works.


After a few of months of posting these, Analytics showed me that viewers only get to watch a few minutes of these videos, so I solved that by cutting each video into chunks.


As we all know, one of the factor why this happens is that people might have a very short attention span. Bo Sanchez’ videos are as usually as long as 1 and a half hours so I decided to cut it into tidbits. 🙂

But before I cut it into shorter videos, I transcribed some videos first and from there I thought of what title is best to catch viewer’s attention. I also made descriptions for each video so as to make each unique as possible. And using basic Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6, I edited these videos.

Here is a sample video that was taken from a much longer video. There are many of these videos, you can visit the channel should you want to watch others. Here is the link. 😉

Here is the Pinterest business account I created.


And here is the Facebook page I made which garnered a lot of fans and likes from many parts of the world.


So far, most of these online marketing platforms worked for me, but forum posting did a long-term impact on my affiliate marketing efforts. 😉

The result? My active affiliates are now growing and I am receiving fair amount of affiliate sales from time to time. And because of my initiative of growing my skills and knowledge in online marketing, I have improved each day in every way.

Learning is definitely fun!



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