Sending Invitation Must-Haves to Attract New Target Customers

Hi. Do you want to connect to as many people as you want on LinkedIn and you want to be different and you wnat to look more professional? You should not use the default message.

linkein default message



Howdy, <First Name>.

Hello, <First Name>.

Hi, <First Name>.

Hope you are well./Hope all is well.

MUST-HAVE #2 Title and Company

This is a form of telling them that you have looked upon their profile and that you made an effort to have a                    look rather than just letting them read a simple message.

Example: I came across your profile and noticed you’re the <title> of <company>.


MUST-HAVE #3 Human Touch Point (HTP)

Never ever connect unless you have no Human Touch Point/ Common (Person or Group)

People in common are the most powerful HTP in LinkedIn.

Second is a group.


And we know <Julie Ann> in common.chuck pndell

MUST-HAVE #4 Reasons for Connecting

>LinkedIn is for Networking; hence, you want to increase your LinkedIn network.

Example: For networking purposes. I’d like to invite you to my business network in LinkedIn.


<Your Name>

That’s as easy as it.

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Note: I did not search this from the internet. We had a webinar held last year about this and it very informative. We learned a new etiquette that most LinkedIn users do not know.

Should you have no time to do this for your LinkedIn account, I can do this for you. Send me your questions on Upwork now. 🙂


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