Learning Photoshop is F-u-n!

You know what? I felt very good about myself today. I did a great job editing a picture using. Of course, I started editing…my….photo. (lol) I searched for some help from Youtube and as usual, it gave me exactly what I need.

From this photo that I asked my beloved father to capture for me yesterday…


…I turned it into this.


Can you see the big difference? I love it! And I love the process of learning it. Learning can really be so much fun especially when your passion is truly in line of what you were created for.

Hugging myself,


Your Beyond Ordinary VA


Yippeeeeey! I passed Inbound Marketing Test!

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I am so happy to tell you that I am now a Certified Inbound Marketer!

Here is my certificate. 🙂


Here is the notification I received via email.


My scores in every category.


And my over-all score.

(Blow the trumpets, please!)


Now,  are you wondering why I continuously learn?

This is what I have learned from Jim Rohn.

I hope this will also inspire you.


What Marketers DO NOT Know about Content and Inbound Marketing

I posted a question yesterday at https://www.facebook.com/groups/jomarhilariovirtualcareers/ Who replied to my question? Si Jomar Hilario lang naman. (Oh, it was just Jomar Hilario.) Who’s Jomar? He’s the Tim Ferris and Tony Robins of the Philippines. Hmmm. That sounds interesting. What were you saying a while ago? It was about a question I posted. And he answered? Yes. Tell me about it. Here is the screenshot. inbound_vs_content_marketinginbound_marketing_vs_content_marketing_1inbound_marketing_vs_content_marketing_2 inbound_marketing_vs_conten_marketing_3What’s the catch?


The readers on the blogpost I have read was as confused as I were. Inbound and Content marketing is just the same. These are both brands.

How to Remove Background of an Image Using Microsoft Powerpoint

I’m so excited with my new tutorial today.

Do you know how to remove background from images using Photoshop?

You don’t have to worry. There is an easier way.

Do you want to know what it is?

You may use MS Powerpoint instead.

It’s so easy.

Come and let me show you.






[Oh My G!] Why You Have to Protect Your Biz From Security Hacks


I was listing all the things that I have to do today when this article sent to my email caught my attention.


It says, “Targeted attacks against small businesses nearly doubled in 2013”.

And what caught much of my attention were the two comments shown below.




As a solution to the problem, it suggested 3 Ways to Protect Your Biz From Security Hacks.

What did I do? I changed my password right away. Instead of *******123, I changed it to difficult series of characters.

I have no back up of the stuffs I have placed on those blogs so I stored it on my external drive.

I think this better than getting a heart attack later. I changed my Gmail and social media sites’ password, too.


I’m done with it.

So, what am I going to do next?

I will create a Facebook page for Hotel de La Salle and Diners. But before that, I will create Gmail account for that. I’m so excited now.

And how about you?

Aren’t you going to take action, too?

You might as well do waht the article says or…get a heart attack later.

Which is which?