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Do you have defective old ship electronics?

Why Manufacturers are Just Dead WRONG About Recommending You Expensive Upgrades for Your Aging Ship Electronics as a Last Resort… And How a Rising Freelance Service Engineer Can Give You with a Better Option

Are you looking for an expert in fixing your old ship equipment; then, this message is right for you.

If so, keep reading…

For Capt. R. C, Abin, Master of Happy Bride, Cornelis Pols was heaven sent.

Here is what it is all about: About some time ago, Happy Bride engineers had a problem with their printed circuit boards, so they hired this service engineer from Korea. Unfortunately, he could not fix these on board, so he brought these with him back to his country. It was very frustrating. They regretted that they had to wait for almost two months before he was able to return these boards.

Due to this, their previous superintendent rather requested for Pols, a service engineer from TECO Maritime ASA. When Pols came on board, he brought with him complete tools, spare and equipment. After hours of check-up, problem reporting, actual repair and upon testing their electronic equipment, they were satisfied with his job.

Listen: Think about how brilliant it is to hire this service engineer compared to upgrading ship equipment as recommended by manufacturers.

You’re going to be just as happy as Capt. R. once you see how efficient Pols’ service is for your own specific ship electronic equipment.

It will change what has become norm in aging ship electronic repair and maintenance. It:

  • Instantly fixesall defects in your equipment at a component levelwith or without support

              from manufacturer…

  • Reconditionsand automates equipment (no need for expensive upgrades)
  • Adds many years to its life span
  • And literally MAKES it younger and smooth running!

And the best part is…

His Service is Highly-Reputed and Most Sought-After.

Here are the 4 Reasons You Should Trust Pols.

Reason 1: His experience in designing electronic products reached almost 30 years. He can translate 1980’s, 1990’s, early 2000’s and modern design works to repair your ship efficiently.

That is the kind of experience, knowledge and expertise he brings to the table to help YOU solve your defective ship equipment.

Reason 2: He served as a Technical Support Engineer at Premier Farnell in the late 2000s. He also worked in NEXES Services BV serving clients including Shell Research. Previously, he worked as a Senior Service Engineer at TECO Maritime ASA. By then, he started traveling worldwide for emergency repair of ship electronics including automation, cargo, and essential main engine, steering and power generating equipment.

Reason 3: He was into the field of electronics at the age of as early as 10. As a small kid, his father used to bring him at work in San Carlos University, the oldest school in the Philippines and Asia. According to him, the campus had the very nice equipment and laboratories of which his father was in charge. He even happily recounted how he enjoyed swimming at the hydraulic laboratory. In those times, creating electronic designs was his favorite hobby. By that time, he can already wire interlock circuit for motor direction. He was also into open source, industrial, tooling, instrumentation and 3D printers.

Reason 4: He got awards in Science and Technology when he was a teenager at San Francisco Bay Area, California. At statewide level, he also received awards in Electronics and Science Fair.

Recently this year, as he started his company (ShipElectronics), he continued to provide specialized repair and maintenance services chiefly for aging ships.

Here are the lists of services you will likely find helpful:

  • Repair and reconditioning of ship electronics including automation of cargo level, pumps, valves, temperature, pressure, main engine, steering, pitch control, power generating equipment, and IG generators and so on.
  • Calibration services for partner companies.
  • When needed we redesign and replicate older printed circuits boards (PCBs) that are no longer available.

Now, compared to waiting for almost two months before you have your PCB back or buying a very expensive upgrade, Pols’ services are by far the best option- fast, reliable and hassle-free.


Questions? Click here to contact Jun Pols.