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Is there something wrong with your aging ship electronics?

Give Us Frail Old Ship Electronics and We Will Give You Back Reliable Equipment

Now you will dramatically take just one simple step to fix your old ship equipment easily. You don’t even need to call the manufacturer for help.

From: Cornelis Pols

CEO, ShipElectronics


Dear Friend,

If you’re electronics manufacturers are not anymore providing support for your aging ship, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s what this is all about: You want to keep your ships in good condition. That is your job. Unfortunately, as you may have already known, ship electronic equipment starts to deteriorate after 10 to 15 years. Spares and support from original manufacturer become hard to get and then turn out to be completely unavailable.

Manufacturers actually aim to develop and create new equipment. Unfortunately, older equipment becomes phased out, so you can rarely find people who have know-how in fixing these.

Take this for example. When circuit boards need repair, manufacturers’ service engineers solve your problem by swapping boards. This practice is good while extra boards are still available, but when these boards are unavailable, they cannot anymore provide solutions. They will rather offer you…

Bloody Expensive Upgrades.

Listen: You’re going to be happy once you discover this brilliant option.

Imagine a service engineer who reconditions older ship electronics with many years of reliable equipment service.

You will benefit from my experience in designing electronic products for over 30 years. Within this period, I have discovered an amazing match while translating previous 1980’s, 1990’s, early 2000’s, and recent design work resulting to cutting edge repair of ship electronics that left manufacturers speechless.

Here are the services that will cause you no hassle:

  • Repair and reconditioning of ship electronics including automation of cargo level, pumps, valves, temperature, pressure, main engine, steering, pitch control, power generating equipment, and IG generators and so on.
  • Calibration services for partner companies.
  • When needed we redesign and replicate older printed circuits boards (PCBs) that are no longer available.

Finally, the most reliable old ship equipment reconditioning is within your grasp…with or without support from manufacturers.

In the past, I have traveled worldwide to provide these services and this is what my customers say about my work…

Manufacturer service engineers, no match for Jun

While the service engineer from Korea had to take boards back and take weeks to return, Jun came to the ship complete with a portable workshop and got these same boards working and tested to our satisfaction.

Capt. R. C, Abin

Master, Happy Bride

I do hope you understand the value I’m offering you here.

I’m giving you the wisest solution to your repair and maintenance needs that will save you from very expensive upgrades.

Even Better, If You Find My Service Unsatisfactory,

I Will Stay for Two Days More to Perform My Job

Here’s how it works: Contact us right now via our contact form below and we will email you right away for your schedule of appointment.  With this, you can inquire whatever you have in mind including the quotation for the service you will be asking. You must of course shoulder for my travel expenses. After the actual repair, you can test out your equipment. If, for any reason at all, you are not completely satisfied, I will stay for another two days to perform my job, with no charge. And should you realize later (without me around anymore) that you are not satisfied with your equipment’s condition, I will return, given that you spend for my travel expenses. No questions asked. No problems at all.

So, click button below to contact us. You will then have to fill up a contact form. After you submit the form, we will then send you the details of your appointment.

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Note: We communicate by phone, e-mail or by teleconference whichever is most convenient to you.


Cornelis Pols,

Service Engineer


P.S. We are accommodating customers worldwide so it is important to contact us and schedule your appointment as early as you can. Go ahead and contact us now.