VP Tools and Tutorials

5How to Remove Background of an Image Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Do you know how to remove background from images using Photoshop?

You don’t have to worry.There is an easier way. Read more.


How to Use Google Calendar

Hi! Have you forgotten about your meetings? Or your calendar seems to be filled with so many events and you forgot about it? You have problems with being reminded about your specific tasks? You probably need Google calendar’s help. Read more.


How to Use Google Docs

Hello! Here’s another tutorial that I made.

I just love Google docs.

It let’s you create and edit documents online. for FREE. Read more.


How to Use Dropbox

Hi! You might have found it difficult sending large files

through email because of the fact that your files are…LARGE. Yes?

Read more.


How to Use Spybot Search and Destroy

Hi! Have you observed new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you think you have not installed?

Was your browser crashed and you di not know why it happened? Read more.


How to Create Posters Using PicMonkey

Are you having a hard time creating FB posters using Photoshop? Now is the time to celebrate!

Woohooooo! Because PicMonkey is the answer to your problem. Read more.


How to Use Animoto

Hi! Are you looking for ways to present slides of your pictures creatively?

I’m sure you are looking for Animoto.Read more.

10How to Use Hootsuite

Hi! Are you busy with so many things to do?

You have no more time managing you Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites? Read more.


How to Shorten Links Using Bitly

Do you want to shorten your links for Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms?

Bitly is the solution to your problem.Read more.


How to Use Jing

Hi! You probably want to convey ideas clearly. You want to show a picture of your work in your computer’s screen and share it.You possibly need Techsmith’s Jing. Read more.



How to Use Roboform

Are you having problems with signing in to numerous accounts because it is hard to remember the usernames and passwords? Roboform is right for you. Read more.


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